How to Solve a Rubix Cube

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How to Solve a Rubix Cube blind

In this tutorial you'll learn how to solve a rubix cube blind

My attempt at explaining how to solve the Rubik's cube blindfolded (Pochmann method). Its one of the few tutorials on how to do this on YouTube... and now I know why: because its really hard to make one :) Also, you really need to practice this method to get it down, because there are many things to keep in mind. I think I covered them all though.

PARITY FIX: Ra: y' [L U2' L' U2'] [L F'] [L' U' L U] [L F] L2' U y

T : [R U R' U'] [R' F] [R2 U' R'] U' [R U R' F']
Jb: [R U R' F'] {[R U R' U'] [R' F] [R2 U' R'] U'}
Ja: y' [R' U L'] [U2 R U' R' U2] [R L U'] y

YO: Jb
OY: l' Ja l
GY: L' d L' T L d' L
YR: Ja
RY: l Jb l'
OG: L' T L
GO: d' L T L' d
OB: d2 L T L' d2
BO: d' L' T L d
BR: d L T L' d'
RB: d2 L' T L d2
RG: L T L'
GR: d L' T L d'
OW: l' Jb l
WO: D' L2 T L2 D
BW: D' l' Jb l D
WB: D2 L2 T L2 D2
RW: l Ja l'
WR: D L2 T L2 D'
GW: D l' Jb l D'
WG: L2 T L2

Y : {F [R U' R' U'] [R U R' F']} {[R U R' U'] [R' F R F']}
Jb: U2 [R U R' F'] {[R U R' U'] [R' F] [R2 U' R'] U'} U2
Ja: [R' U L'] [U2 R U' R' U2] [R L U']

(note that Jb and Ja have to be executed while holding the cube a little differently.
its as if they required their own little setup moves as well)

BO: F' Jb F
OY: R Ja R'
YR: Ja
RB: R' Y R
BY: R' F' Jb F R
YO: Jb
OG: F R Ja R' F'
GY: F Y F'
OB: R Y R'
BW: F' Y F
WO: R2 Ja R2
BR: D' R Y R' D
RW: R' Ja R
WB: R2 Y R2
RG: D F Jb F' D'
GW: D2 F' Y F D2
WR: D2 R2 Ja R2 D2
GO: F Jb F'
OW: D F' Y F D'
WG: F2 Y F2

number checking formula: #items = (#wrong pieces) + (#cycles) - 2
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Anonymous said...

Great tutorial thanks!

Anonymous said...

u rock the last guy to help me sucked

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